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Good People

Rozalinda Borcilă
is interested in the ways border regimes are produced, experienced and contested. She collaborates with Compass, No Name Collective and Moratorium on Deportations Campaign, and is committed to border abolition activism. She has taught walking seminars as experimental activism and artistic research in universities, social centers and refugee camps.  She is Romanian, currently based in Chicago where she lives with her awesome daughter Liana.

Brian Holmes
is an essayist, teacher and autonomous researcher living in Chicago. He speaks English, French and Spanish, collaborates with artists and activists, travels, lectures on the craziest things, likes to explore new places and has never gotten used to capitalism. Most of his writings can be found on the blog Continental Drift.

is an informal group of around a dozen people dedicated to the exploration, enlargement, critique and celebration of the Midwest Radical Cultural Corridor. This website and all the associated research, expression and activity are basically Compass projects.

Futuro Moncada Forero
is a teacher and a researcher in art and design. His research works focus on such subjects as: “Literary Presence: Voices, Living Memory”; “The Female Symbolic Imaginary in Cuban and Columbian Literature”; “Conceptualizing the 21st Century School”; “Ecology and Design: A Theory of Form”; and “Communicating Vessels: Columbia and Mexico.” He is part of Colectiva Estética Unisex, whose photography projects are engaged with the fields of the documentary image, the recording of processes, intervention into photographic archives and contemporary photography. For this project, Futuro produced many of the images documenting the Port of Lázaro Cárdenas.

Dreadsen was involved in the long-term campaign to shut down two of the oldest coal-fired plants in Chicago.  He is currently a worker at Mobile Rail Solutions and organizer of contracted-out rail workers around racial and gender oppressions and labor conditions on the rail line. Dredsen recently organized the first IWW recognized union on the railroad in 80+ years, which resulted in a strike that shut down service in multiple railyards across Illinois and Wisconsin. Dredsen is one of the facilitators of the “Choking Points in the Supply Chan” walk.

Chelsea Cossu
is an artist and part time lecturer of photography. Recent works have been poetic photographic projects about value, covering ground, and the Midwestern sense of place. She lives and works in Chicago, IL collaborating with the willing. Chelsea participated in Foreign Trade Zone tours and contributed photographs for this project.

Stefano Cossu
is a conceptual photographer and occasional writer. After moving to the USA from Italy in 2010 he has “embraced her strengths and faults”, electing his couch as his art studio. There he narrates his current and past cultural clashes in poetry in the ongoing project, No Big Dreaming.  He currently lives and works in Chicago, IL occasionally collaborating with his wife Chelsea. Stefano participated in Foreign Trade Zone tours and contributed photographs for this project.

Patrick Neveling
works in social anthropology, global and economic history, and across the social sciences and humanities with a broad focus on the problems caused by the persistence of capitalism. He is currently writing “Relocating capitalism. Export processing zones and special economic zones since 1947,” which will be the first-ever comprehensive archaeology of the global spread of EPZs and SEZ. Patrick visited the FTZs of the Port of Chicago and has contributed fundamental concepts to our understanding of the global economy.

Good Reads

Riding the Zone Rozalinda Borcila

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The Cultural Logic of Frictionless Production Dara Orenstein

Toward a New Cosmology of Capitalism Shimshon Bichler & Jonathan Nitzan

Fantasy in the Hold Stefano Harney & Fred Moten

Globalization or Spatialization? Michael Wallace & David Brady

Zone: The Spatial Softwares of Extrastatecraft Keller Easterling

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