Choking Points in the Supply Chain

This walk brought together most of our central themes:

  • The Chicago portage, settler colonialism, digging the I&M Canal;
  • Foreign Trade Zones, distribution centers, just-in-time methods, logistics;
  • Stateville Prison, labor exploitation, the processing of undocumented people;
  • Centerpoint Intermodal Center, Walmart, BNSF…

It was a beautiful hot day, people met each other for the first time to explore how our region works. Wetlands seemed to appear practically everywhere. What we thought was a prairie hen screeched to protect the eggs she had laid in a parking lot. Although it was a Sunday, a few trucks found their way into the rail yard; but by and large the place was vast and empty, a hallucination from a science-fiction novel, a reality that you couldn’t make up, another world in a layer-cake of other worlds….

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Logistics Trip brochure

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